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The KeePressingOn Project serves businesses, teams, and executives who seek to generate growth and increased productivity through relationships that build trust, encourage excellence, and create an expectant, positive view of the future.

Transform your business. Transform your life.

Identify and develop your strengths

Release perfectionism and experience progress in your business and life.

Improve your working relationships with others

Overcome obstacles and resolve significant challenges

Navigate periods of transition with expectation of a positive outcome

Develop resilience and make optimism your new default

Leverage my experience in your journey. Peak performance in challenges. Exceed your goals.

As a highly effective coach and builder/leader of teams, I seek to motivate and inspire individuals, teams and organizations to excel. Creating a high-performance lifestyle does not equate to driving yourself into the ground and missing out on what’s most important in life. Create a new paradigm where you can consistently exceed your goals and rise to new heights previously thought out of reach. Contact us today to begin.

I worked with Jim Coltharp in Comcast’s Public Policy Office while I attended law school. At a critical moment early in my career, Jim taught me the importance of hard work and dedication. He inspired me to make both personal and professional decisions based upon my core values, and he helped me develop the tools and confidence that are necessary to succeed in my career. He is a compassionate, intuitive person who has an incredible emphatic ability to help people think through difficult or challenging circumstances. Seventeen years later, I still rely upon Jim as a coach and mentor, and I feel blessed to call him my friend.

Aidan Cleary

Senior Official, Transportation Security Administration

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