Maybe our problems will just go away?

Together, we continue to encounter deep strains from economic struggle, health challenges, and social trials. Yet we can help our organizations prepare well by finding ways to establish a strong and resilient culture. What might help our colleagues and teams look beyond a time of inflation and further economic downturn and drive a mindset of achieving peak performance? How can we help others counter fears of whether they will have enough to meet their growing needs? In the midst of another possible covid surge, and as social divisions deepen, what could help ease tensions and begin to heal us as we work together?

Finding Courage

Strong foundations for an expectant vision are essential during these challenging times.  Companies and leaders now face a crucial moment to connect their vision and organizational culture to the mindset and needs of their teams to help strengthen current performance and rebuild an expectant view of the future.  Renewed core values and greater commitment to engagement will build up our organizations and yield confidence and strong hope among teams and members. Opportunities will rise for the future so that teams need not wait and wish that immediate concerns might get better if left alone.

What are leaders currently developing that could help build an enduring culture of excellence? How can we involve others to share in those crucial practices?  The benefits from these efforts may multiply as we engage and work together, allowing those around us to grow better individually and stronger as a team.  We may drive satisfaction and an expectant vision through a clear and consistent emphasis to discern team strengths and use the best of each other’s skills.  In setting the foundation and invite others to join in the vision, it is helpful to consider:

  • What motivations could become increasingly meaningful as foundations for the growing culture?
  • How can the organization establish new habits for strategic oversight that could enlighten clear purpose and help others envision alternate ways forward?
  • If you perceive your team struggling or slowing under burdens, how could you help them gain courage?

Communication is Key

Open and honest conversation is powerful. I recently encountered someone struggling with courage due to the persistent quiet during the pandemic.  Our conversation helped them find hope and courage to step forward in their journey. I am thankful it was deep and meaningful for each of us.

Together, these practices may contribute to weave better understanding of innovation, competition, and our communities.

As leaders we may listen more actively and increase awareness in order to express and demonstrate consistent care. With greater understanding, what are the best lessons and unexpected results of coming together? What other areas would benefit from applying these lessons in order to build even greater momentum for change?

Strong and effective leaders remain calm in a wide range of high-pressure situations where outcomes are critical for their organization.  How can choices derived from a clear focus establish habits of authenticity, accountability, and empathy?  A stronger culture is reinforced as we cultivate a capacity to relate well during great and critical activity, allowing our teams to transform vision into better execution. As a result, better vision may yield stronger productivity and effectiveness.

As we face heavy times and great needs, we may help others around us overcome past obstacles and exceed existing expectations.  Deep trials need not determine our organizations’ future or indicate that best opportunities are over. In renewing our culture, we find hope.  How can you and your teams rise during this time?