I am thankful that in recent weeks we have enjoyed significant anniversaries for our two venture companies, James Coltharp Policy Solutions and The KeePressingOn Project. The road ahead includes very encouraging prospects.

At JC Policy Solutions, over the past year we have added skilled perspective to partner with clients for creative public policy advising. We have offered unique understanding by combining smart and effective strategies, thorough planning, and extensive experience to yield paths for excellent execution and favorable results at key times. We also have been pleased to add highly seasoned substantive expertise to help clients rise to new levels by preparing and building tailored and practical solutions for government and regulatory matters in highly competitive marketplaces.

What would help you or your company achieve better results and compete more effectively?

For my business coaching with leaders and teams at KeePressingOn, I am thankful for two years of helping clients meet great challenges, exceed their goals, and grow in expectant view of the future. I have been humbled and encouraged by increasing opportunities to join alongside in their journeys and see them pursue courageous choices they may not have envisioned, perform consistently, and deliver their best in response to major challenges.

What would you desire to achieve in a crucial moment? How would you approach that possibility for your company or team?

Looking to the road ahead, we are expanding our portfolio and range of services. We will continue cultivating with great energy new opportunities and earning trust that has caused our clients to say, “I couldn’t get this help anywhere else.”

I am especially grateful for our team and their great contributions of expertise, insights, and persistence in making our growth possible.

How could we help you or your team rise to meet new challenges ahead?

Much peace and thanks to so many of you for support and encouragement.