James Coltharp’s longstanding passion to create community impact & involvement is the genesis of the KeePressingOn Project, serving businesses, teams, and executives who seek to generate growth and increased productivity through relationships that build trust, encourage excellence, and create an expectant, positive view of the future. Consistent with that vision, Jim speaks with groups and organizations on the topics of peak performance, overcoming overload, responding to a setback, and strategic leadership development.

Jim is featured with the Worldwide Speakers Group, a leading global professional services firm providing innovative solutions in the global lecture industry to corporate, trade, education, and commercial customers worldwide. To learn more about Jim’s availability for your next event, please click the link below.

Peak Performance: How can I deliver my best when I need my best?

We all want to win. But are you prepared to win?

Gain a clear view of how to develop a Champion’s Mindset: deal with a fear of failure by knowing what to tune out, get better and become more effective, identify the habits that can slow you down and those that can help you focus more clearly while everything in the game is swirling. You can’t lose if you learn how to balance your business mind and heart!

Responding to a Setback: The first day of a great comeback

When the bottom falls out, that same day we can get up one more time and begin a great comeback. We can prepare differently and use available resources in a new way. In spite of the new challenge we face, we can be ready and become even stronger as the door opens to a new season. Jim shares a personal story of cultivating a positive vision when encountering trying times.

The group will consider: How do I start on the road to a great comeback? How can I keep a bump from becoming the end of the road? What new habits can I build to help on the comeback journey? How can I maintain a positive vision on dark days?

Overcoming Overload: If I rise to meet a career challenge, do I get to keep my life?

We know that the world is changing, and change is accelerating.  We like to think of the benefits of technology and change, but how does the pace of change affect my perspective and behavior as a leader? How does a change-driven outlook affect our organization, and what is the effect of continually working and living beyond our limits?

Learn practical ways to adjust to the present, prepare for the future, and set a sustainable pace that allows both you and your business to last. What habits and processes can we build over time to affect positively our mindset and lead others more effectively — and also enjoy our lives?

Strong Teamwork: Leading others to build energy and trust that endures
Strong teams build upon the natural abilities of each member in a way that enhances their peak performance and unleashes energy that builds momentum.Effective leaders build a vision to develop these team dynamics and work with each member to promote self-awareness, satisfaction, and performance. However, these kinds of leaders and teams are very rare. How can you create this reality in your own team or organization?

Learn practical approaches to promote strategic leadership development:

  • How do I identify and measure the natural abilities of individual members?
  • What will help strengthen and align team members to become more effective together?
  • How can we better understand the complexity and richness of the way individuals experience emotional energy?
  • What will help strengthen and align your team to build on their natural abilities and overcome strategic challenges?
  • What steps can teams take toward peak performance, even if they are already performing well?

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